How To Prevent Hair Loss Due To Anemia?

The most common cause for hair loss is iron deficiency. Iron deficiency or anemia wherein the body has a low iron level than what the body requires. Due to a low iron deficiency the number of red blood cells is reduced in the blood and result in a number of ailments.

Hair loss and anemia is on the rise nowadays. According to a three-year study of women suffering from loss of hair in the late 1990's iron deficiency had been identified as the cause of hair loss in 72% of pre-menopausal women.

In most of the cases anemia sufferers will suffer extreme feelings towards hot or cold temperature (that is the person feels either too cold or too hot even at normal temperatures). This is because iron is used to maintain the body temperature. When there is iron deficiency in the body the hair begin to fall. This is what we call hair loss anemia.

The person who is suffering from anemia also takes time to recover from blood loss. Losing blood during and after birth may cause a woman to become iron-deficient, which may result in anemia or hair loss.

Menstruation is another cause of anemia,where excessively heavy periods (menorrhagia) can cause an iron deficiency in women, especially when combined with other factors, such as inadequate iron intake.Severe injuries that often cause significant blood loss

Over 80% women suffer from some type of anemia. The main reason for iron deficiency is that there is insufficient iron in their diet. Iron is one of the most important elements in creating red blood cells in the body. Because due to iron supplement red blood cells the person appears pale (this is due to loss of pigmentation) and the hair follicles become weaker. As a result the weak hair follicles cause hair loss.

Hair loss anemia-Preventive measures

The very best method for hair loss prevention due to iron deficiency is, to consume nutritious food containing high iron content. health care providers usually stress the patients to increase iron intake by consuming fish,dried fruits, legumes, meat, molasses, dark green leafy vegetables, potatoes,wheat germ, and grain products in the diet. Sometimes vitamins deficiency in the body can also cause excessive hair loss in women.

Deficiencies in vitamin B12 and folic acid, considered as one of the causes for hair loss. Doctors usually give iron and vitamin pills for immediate recovery. However these medicines are harmful to your health and should be consumed only after consulting a doctor.

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