Sometimes the Most Intelligent Decision Is

Practice the ARRT of the risk management if it to the risk management comes, there are four Nichtversicherung strategies you can you set, in order to work in your life. Around it more simply to form you think thereby you of it, simply of the acronym ARRT remember: A = avoid R = reduce R = keep T = transmission in the following sections come I into larger detail over everyone of these. Avoidance of the risk risk to avoid means exactly, what says it: If none of the other strategies for the treatment seems a risk, sometimes the most intelligent decision is, the risk simply to avoid usable. I avoid risks like the Skydiving, the drop sliding and the self running. I am sure that I would enjoy those activities, if I took up her at all. It is, straight that, for me, which are not worth rewards the risks. Are here some other examples, where, to avoid the risk the best strategy can be: ?, not youth driver authorized, who obviously still unreif is and irresponsibly ?, which does not buy an expensive sport car, while your driving recording is poor and cost of insurance is sky high ?, your holidays cancelled, plans to one war geverwusteten part of the world ?, which does not buy a Hinterhoftrampoline for your children, because you cannot prevent unsupervised use by other neighbourhood children decrease of the risk risk to reduce mean taking activities of this the lower probability of the loss occurrence to all or, if it arises, the possible difficulty of the loss lowering. If you took over Sterlingsilber of the grandmother, you can reduce the theft risk by Chapter 3: Line of your risk without buying insurance 27 installation a central main warning and/or by the silver well hide.

If you have a valuable baseball map accumulation, you can reduce the damage caused by water largely risk by the attachment and sealing the maps in the waterproof plastic album sides (as my son, JP did, with my accumulation of map for father day one year). Are here some other examples of ways, which can reduce you your risks: ?, regularly tine on a valuable diamond ring examined to reduce over the risk of the loss of the stone ?, which eats and regularly prepares healthy food, smokes and to much of the remainder receives not drinking and driving ? ? buying cars with safety characteristics likes air bags and university-lockable brakes and that test examines well in the abort the decrease of the risk has the advantage of the Seins some Behandlungstrategie, you can do you those most along and to have you the most personal control past. It has other advantages, also. Reduce if you substantially a risk: ? the risk can be enough small, which safe you feel, insurance together to avoid. E.G. if you stored your valuable articles in a safe deposit box, cannot you to the necessity not believe to insure it. ? can you consent basic higher Deductibles to believe. E.G., you can be able to past store 50 per cent on your health insurance costs $2,000 buying Deductible, and know you that a high Deductible is an intelligent choice, because your healthy lifestyle results in few requirements. ? you can be able to receive insurance at better costs. During this book I speak much concerning the decrease of the risk - and I recommend it as at least part of the solution of the line many of the risks in your life. Keep the risk risk kept, refers to strategy of paying losses from your own bag. The risk to keep can be voluntary (like basic higher Deductibles for your premiums to lower). Keeping can mean a deciding to take the entire risk on fewer objects of value; e.g. you can do to insurance without $300 Kanu. Keeping cannot mean basic insurance to cover around low frequency fatal losses, those nearly no probability of the occurrence where you has phases; e.g. you do not buy probably earthquake insurance, if you live in Minnesota. 28 part of I: Received begun the risk to keep can involuntarily also be - bad message. In this category the surprises, which receive you at the requirement time, are the risks you daily outside even take a knowing them, how: ? to protect none from an infringement suit cover, forwards person, who supplies a package to your house-created business, has itself and falls and on your icy sidewalk ?, which is not protected from the process against your coworker, that is complained was injured when riding injured with you in their company car ?, only $30,000 for your fire with $50.000 kitchens because of the writing-off departures under your politics of the Eigenheimbesitzers receives ?, that from an autorenting company for $10.000 in the damage of a rent car - causes damage from a friend or from a coworker - for which you was naive in agreement to be responsible as you your signature up lease the focus of this book are uncovered on that much this involuntary holding back - the many dangers of the personal policy scratched. During this book I place out these hidden risks and show to you steps, which can undertake you, in order to protect you.

Bringing risk bringing risk refers the risk automatically to another party totally or partly to shifts. The most general form of the transmission is the insurance mechanism however, against a pre-determined first-class payment, an insurance company takes care of losses, you differently to absorb would have had. Is here an example: They bring the risk of the fire damage of your house on an insurer for $800 one year. Their house is destroyed by fires. The insurance company bears the entire cost, in order to convert, the costs, to replace your whole destroys property and even the additional costs, which take themselves, you, around other where to live during your new house converted. The other kind of the transmission (the bad kind) arises to each contract, which you sign inside your everyday life life into straight approximately. "However I sign never contracts, "you think. Really? I bet that her - we all do. In any given year you probably sign contracts for a housing rent, a boat rent, a holidays free-hold flat, a renting car, a credit card, a real estate purchase or house repair a request. These are straight some examples of the contracts, which sign you inside your everyday life life. I could give you many more.

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